Saturday, October 8, 2011

We made it to Louisville!!

Hello! it has been some time since my last posting. The last 2 months have been a busy blurr with the moving and unpacking but, we made it to Louisville and we are so very happy!!

Last week we received a phone call that my Father in Law was in the hospital after having a massive heart-attack. What a blessing it was to only be 2 hours from him! He ended up having a 5 bypass and was sent home on Wednesday of this week. We are thankful that he is doing well at this time.

After we left from being with my FIL we went to my parents and spent a few days. We had a wonderful visit and took small prince to a Pumpkin Patch/Farm (post coming soon!) we also had the opportunity to go to the grand opening of a new thrift store in town. I found some really great items and such AMAZING prices!! I will be doing a post on that trip too!  

I hope everyone is enjoying their time this weekend, Mr. Darling Dear and I have some football planned for this evening. 


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