Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Ok, so I am totally new to this and I hope I am doing everything the proper way! lol... if not, someone please let me know how to!
The lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch hosts a Tablescape Thursday so I have submitted my Fallicious Tablescape to her page. You can visit her here
You will find lots of inspiration and beautiful designs!
Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Treasures!

Hello! Although I wasn't feeling up to par this weekend I did manage to make it to some sales with a dear friend and WOW I found some great deals on some treasures! I am so excited with my finds. Christmas is right around the corner and wait till you see what I found!

                                                       1st is a set of 3 nesting bowls
                                                       From Bella Casa.
                                                       I LOVE the little beaded handles and best of all
                                                       I got the whole set for $2.00!! Can't wait to use 
                                                       them for Christmas goodies!

                                                    2nd is a set of 2 red velvet pillows with
                                                    beaded trim. $1.00 each!

                                          3rd is a stunning vintage tablecloth that is 
                                          flocked and has a cute little pom pom trim.
                                          It is new in the package and I only paid $2.00 for it!
                                          Won't it match perfectly with the little red pillows?

Ah! I stopped by one of our local consignment stores
about 2 months ago and came across these beauties.
BUT- the price was $10.00 for the set of 4 and I really
didn't want to pay that much for them even though I REALLY 
wanted them. So, I stopped back in this week and there they sat in
the same spot as before just begging me to take them home however, the 
big $10.00 orange sticker was still on them so I sadly walked away and THEN
to my surprise the girl working the register walked by and said Oh! I just wanted to
let you know that the Orange stickers are 75% OFF TODAY!!! 
WHOO-HOO! I very quickly walked back over and picked them up all while trying to contain 
my excitement. So, they are now sitting in the cabinet and waiting to be on the Christmas table setting!       

Even with all these great little treasures that I found nothing compares to what I am about to show you.....
Drumroll please!
Ta Dah!! 
I just LOVE this Christmas Stand!!
First of all, I have never seen anything like it before and secondly when I seen the 2 empty shelves
I immediately thought- Oh! that would be darling with little Christmas desserts on there.
I love all the Christmas figures and I think they would really pop if they were painted, what do you think?
I was ecstatic seeing it there and thinking about what I would do with it and where I would put it at and then 
I realized------I didn't look at the price yet, hmmmm they probably want a pretty penny for it So, I walked over and looked at the tag and it said

 Are you kidding me? I said SOLD, I could certainly afford that so
I told the man I wanted it but I wanted to look around a little more and he said Oh! well just so you know if the tag doesn't say firm then it is half off.
OH JOY! I was buying the Christmas Stand for $4.00!!!!
Yes- that would be the best buy for the day!
What are your thoughts on this stand? What would you do with it? Paint it or leave it white?
You will see this again in the near future when it comes time for my Christmas blog! 

                      Thanks for visiting with me and checking out my weekend treasures!
                                                                   Have a blessed day!  


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am new to this and I seem to be having alot of problems with my background at this time. I am working to get it taken care of so please be patient with me!! I have alot of good stuff on the way...I promise!
Thanks so much and Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Fall Front Porch

I thought I would share my Fall Decor that is on the front porch. It is a small area but there is certainly room for decor no matter how small the space may be. Right?

I have a beautiful iron arch (purchased at Big Lots) that is leading into the doorway of our home. I draped it with some material that I found at a large fabric outlet in London, Ky (can't remember the name of the store) I then added some leaf garlands from the local Dollar Tree and put a pot of fall decor on either side.

Once on the porch I have a old wicker rocker that I found on the curb and of course I had to bring it home :) I went to the local Goodwill store and purchased the afghan for $1.59 and draped it across and then added a pumpkin and some leaves.

I also had an old screen door that was in desperate need of new screen (sorry, no pics of the redo) so I put new screening on it and hung it over my window and added a ribbon and a wreath. 

Below the screen is a little red wagon with a bale of hay and more fall decor. The candle stand I purchased at a local vendors mall for $2.00, what a deal!!
And of course over the window shutters is a grape vine garland to which I added some leaves. The garlands were a gift from my dear mother, THANK YOU MOM!!   

The little metal rake is from a local thrift store another $2.00 find and with some picks and a candle it was a nice addition.

                                    he large metal pumpkin is from a tag sale for a whopping $3.00!!
                                                                    I just LOVE it!

And there you have it! A warm and cozy welcome to our home, come by and sit a spell and we will enjoy a nice cup of hot apple cider! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

English Breakfast Tablescape

Good Morning! Who is ready for Breakfast? Today I want to share with you a tablescape that I put together with my mom while I was visiting with her this summer. We had a wonderful time putting this together! Blue and Yellow look so nice together and certainly makes for a sunny way to start the day!
We didn't have a table runner to match our setting SO- what did we do? Well, can you believe that our runner on this table is a wall border? Yep, sure is! Matches perfect and makes for a easy clean up as well. Nothing like improvising! :) Have a sunny day everyone!