Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Hen & 2 Chicks

Hello dear friends!
I appeared only to vanish again due to internet issues....alas it is fixed and we are in working order once again! I hope you all are doing well! I'm still as busy as can be.

Our new store A Hen & 2 Chicks is going fabulous!! I'm so happy with all the customers that we have coming in on a regular basis and the new friends that we have made. We have been open now for 3 weeks and on Saturday we are having our Grand Opening!! We placed an ad in the paper, we are having free refreshments, Christmas karaoke and a Gift Certificate drawing!! I'm SO excited and  I want to share some pictures of our store with you!

This pretty painted desk SOLD fast!!

This was one of our Fall window displays....all but 4 of our pumpkins SOLD!!

Another Fall window display.

Look at this little cutie who visited our store, what a doll!

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This beautiful Rocker sold within 2 hours of being on the floor!

This little girls bedroom set also sold right away!
I just love this vintage mirror!

Lots of pretty dish pieces in creams and whites.....perfect for winter decorating!!

I will be sharing our Christmas window displays and Grand Opening Day pictures soon! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope everyone had a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day with their families!

Shipping Available on smaller items!!


  1. Lots of luck on your grand opening! Such beautiful things you have there. xo

  2. Best wishes on your new store!

  3. Your new store looks wonderful! I hope your holiday season has been a smashing success!


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