Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping deals at Goodwill!!

I posted a tablescape earlier this evening and all the items were purchased at Goodwill. I LOVE to shop at Goodwill, you can get some really nice items for great prices!

My Summer Celebration dishes cost me a total of $14.00!

4 Plates $1 each
4 Saucers .50 each
4 Mugs .50 each
4 Stemmed Glasses $1.50 each (BOGO SALE made 2 of them FREE!!)
6 Napkin Rings .50 each

I was ecstatic when I found the dishes in a service of four and all in super shape with no chips or cracks. I quickly put them in the cart and then thought hmmmm, I have already packed all the napkin rings.....what to do? Well I continued to walk to the next aisle and what do I see on the shelf?? The vintage metal napkin rings that will match PERFECTLY (insert squeal) and I have to wonder if they belonged to the same owner of the dishes.

So after finding the dishes and then the napkin rings I thought man, some green stemmed glasses would look really nice with this set and knowing that I didn't have any at home I kept wondering the aisles and to my surprise there were these beautiful green stemmed glasses on the top shelf, oooooh (insert another squeal) they match! I placed them in my cart and headed to the checkout where the lady says..... Oh! these are blue tagged so they are BOGO. :) (insert happy dance) lol..... This was a very good Goodwill shopping day!       

The items below are also in my Summer Celebration tablescape and they too came from Goodwill, not the same store or shopping trip though.

$2 for 10 pc's

$2 for a set of 6 Napkins

.99 S&P Shaker Set

Vintage Sears Tablecloth (was new in the package) $2.99! 
Stop in at your local Goodwill store, you never know what you might find!
No, I am not offiliated in any way with the Goodwill Co. nor am I being paid to advertise for them.
I'm just a HUGE Goodwill fan!

Have a wonderful evening everyone and Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow it certainly was a good day! You got great deals, and the napkin rings are just made for those dishes. Wish our goodwill had something besides junk!

  2. You scored big! I love those napkin rings. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Hope your week is going well!

  3. I would have been squealing too! I can't believe you found those perfect napkin rings to match the dishes AND the green stemware all on the same trip. Awesome shopping day!

  4. Wow, you had a great GW day, I love those napkin rings and vintage table cloth!


  5. I hate you.

    lol - Oh my gosh you found some fabulous stuff! I read another blog a couple weeks ago about a oak table purchased for about 16.00! I have got to go to my local GW store. I'm missing out!


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