Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Fall Front Porch

I thought I would share my Fall Decor that is on the front porch. It is a small area but there is certainly room for decor no matter how small the space may be. Right?

I have a beautiful iron arch (purchased at Big Lots) that is leading into the doorway of our home. I draped it with some material that I found at a large fabric outlet in London, Ky (can't remember the name of the store) I then added some leaf garlands from the local Dollar Tree and put a pot of fall decor on either side.

Once on the porch I have a old wicker rocker that I found on the curb and of course I had to bring it home :) I went to the local Goodwill store and purchased the afghan for $1.59 and draped it across and then added a pumpkin and some leaves.

I also had an old screen door that was in desperate need of new screen (sorry, no pics of the redo) so I put new screening on it and hung it over my window and added a ribbon and a wreath. 

Below the screen is a little red wagon with a bale of hay and more fall decor. The candle stand I purchased at a local vendors mall for $2.00, what a deal!!
And of course over the window shutters is a grape vine garland to which I added some leaves. The garlands were a gift from my dear mother, THANK YOU MOM!!   

The little metal rake is from a local thrift store another $2.00 find and with some picks and a candle it was a nice addition.

                                    he large metal pumpkin is from a tag sale for a whopping $3.00!!
                                                                    I just LOVE it!

And there you have it! A warm and cozy welcome to our home, come by and sit a spell and we will enjoy a nice cup of hot apple cider! 


  1. Your porch looks great. I especially like your wicker rocker.

    Isn't it fun to decorate using thrift items and treasures from the Dollar Tree? La

  2. Thank You so much! It's so much fun! I think that I keep the local Dollar Tree in business lol.... Have a blessed day!


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